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Energy-saving Heating & Cooling Packages From Worcestershire Garden Buildings


Climate Control

For garden offices & home studios

If you thought air conditioners were just for cooling then think again, because modern "air-to-air" heat pump systems now incorporate reverse-cycle technology so they can deliver low cost heating as well.


Compared to conventional electric heaters, air-source heat pumps (ASHP's) are the most energy-efficient heating systems available, providing homeowners and businesses with an affordable "all-in-one" solution that can deliver heating, cooling, humidity control and air filtration.


At WGB we recognise the benefits of ASHP systems, so to compliment our 2021 range of garden offices and home studios we now offer an exciting range of air conditioning packages that let you work, learn, train or play in a healthier and more energy-efficient climate controlled environment.


Conventional Heating

Comparing running costs

Gas central heating is widely recognised to be the cheapest form of domestic heating, regardless of the initial installation and ongoing maintenance costs, where the average unit price for gas in the UK is just 3.8p per kW/h.


In comparison, electric panel heaters, convectors and oil-filled radiators are a popular choice because they are relatively inexpensive to buy, cheaper to install and require no ongoing maintenance. The only downside is they rely on peak-time electricity that has an average cost of 14.37p per kW/h.


Night storage heaters are still considered to be the cheapest form of electric heating because they use Economy 7 Off-peak electricity, which costs around 50% less than the regular Peak-time tariff. However, whilst in principle they should be cheaper to run, they actually require double the input to achieve the output required.


For example, a night storage heater with an output rating of 1.5kw actually has an input requirement of 3.3kw to pre-charge the energy cells inside with enough stored heat to meet the output requirements that day.

...which system would you choose?

Air Conditioning

Comfort, control and reduced energy bills

At best, a 100% efficient electric radiator can produce 1kw of heat energy using 1kw of electricity, whereas an air conditioner using heat pump technology can produce over 4kw of heat energy using the same amount of electricity.


Lets imagine your new garden studio uses 2kw of heat energy per hour to keep you toasty for 6 hours a day during an average 20 working day month. The cost of using an electric panel heater would equate to £1.72 per day, costing £34.40 per month during an average heating season.


In comparison, an air conditioner using heat pump technology to deliver the same amount of heat over the same period would cost less than 10p an hour, so in the worst case scenario it might cost £12.00 a month, saving at least £22.40 per month in running costs.


Of course, another clear advantage over gas and conventional electric heating systems is that ASHP system are an all-in-one solution that can deliver both heating and cooling, with additional features such as humidity control and air filtration to make your studio comfortable to use all year round.


WGB Aircon Packages

F-Gas Registered Installations

WGB heat pump installations are carried out by fully qualified F-Gas engineers with up to 30 years experience working with refrigeration and air conditioning products from the smallest mini-split systems to large VRF systems.


Our ASHP air conditioning packages combine leading brand systems with the highest quality connectivity components, sympathetically installed so pipework and cabling remains invisible using a discreet recessing techniques indoors and UV stabilised colour blended ductwork outdoors.


Every system is fully commissioned beyond legislative guidelines to achieve maximum performance, energy-efficiency and long term durability.

...highest quality Guaranteed


Control & Monitoring

From Any Location

WGB offers an impressive air conditioning systems from today's leading manufacturers including:-


  • Midea

  • Fujitsu

  • Daikin

  • Mitsubishi Electric


Whilst comfort and control features may vary between each manufacturer, all WGB systems include an infrared remote control handset and built-in WiFi, providing end-users with full monitoring and control from any location using a smartphone, tablet and compatible voice devices.


For fixed wall mounted control options please contact us.


5 Year Warranty

Parts & Labour

WGB customers benefit from an exclusive 5-Year enhanced warranty on all installation packages, providing peace of mind and the reassurance of knowing we have full confidence in the systems we supply.


Extended warranties are subject to having your system professionally maintained annually with light maintenance carried out on a quarterly basis by end-users. In the same that you service your car, air conditioning systems require annual maintenance to ensure they perform efficiently.


Maintenance charges vary between £80-120 depending on the brand and size of your installed system, however there is no charge for your first year maintenance visit, courtesy of Worcestershire Garden Buildings.

...first year free with WGB

Choosing your System

Select Output Rating

System Size

Our air conditioning heat pump systems are categorised into 4 groups based on their nominal output ratings:-


  • 2.5kW

  • 3.5kW

  • 5.0kW

  • 7.0kW


If you are unsure of the size you need you can use use our handy online calculator to find the minimum number of watts required before selecting a system from any group that has a greater nominal output capacity.


Remember, the output in kilowatts refers to the amount of heat energy a system can produce and not the amount of electricity used to produce it. As a general rule of thumb most air conditioning heat pumps systems only consume 200-300w of electricity for every 1000watts (1kW) of heat energy they produce.

Our most popular systems




The Blanc series from Midea is one of the most popular systems sold globally by the worlds largest manufacturer of air conditioning systems.


Top 10 Features include:-

  • Follow me

  • 24hr Timer

  • One-touch Super Cool

  • Flash Cooling/Heating

  • Sweet Dreams - Night Mode

  • Frost Protection

  • High Density Filter

  • Auto Self-clean

  • Self-Diagnosis

  • Smartphone & Voice Control




Breezeless is the Midea flagship system offering 3-way airflow (front & sides) and a unique drop-down diffuser to maximise comfort without the draft.


Top 10 Features include:-

  • Breezeless Diffuser Mode

  • 3-Way Airflow (Front & Sides)

  • Louvre Position Memory

  • Inteligent Cooling

  • Humidity Control

  • Weekly Timer

  • Quiet Control

  • Bacteria & Dust Removal

  • Bill Control

  • Smartphone & Voice Control




The Eco series from Fujitsu offers a stylish and competitively priced entry level system with all the features you need for day-to-day operation.


Top 10 Features include:-

  • Eco Opertaion Mode

  • Powerful Operation Mode

  • Auto-Changeover

  • Automatic Fan Speed

  • Up/Down Swing Louvre

  • Auto Restart

  • Sleep Timer

  • Weekly Programmer

  • Filter Clean Monitor

  • Smartphone & Voice Control




The Standard series from Fujitsu offers a stylish mid-range system with automatic double louvre control and Ion deodorization filter. 


Top 10 Features include:-

  • Apple-Catechin Filter

  • Ion Deodorization Filter

  • Auto-Changeover

  • Automatic Fan Speed

  • Double Swing Louvre

  • Auto Restart

  • Sleep Timer

  • Weekly Programmer

  • Filter Clean Monitor

  • Smartphone & Voice Control




The Sensira range from Daikin features a flat, stylish front panel that blends easily within any interior décor and is easier to keep clean


Top 10 Features include:-

  • Vertical Auto Swing

  • 5-Step Fan Speed

  • Auto Fan Speed

  • Titanium Deodorising Filter

  • 24 Hour Timer

  • Auto Restart

  • Dry Programme

  • Comfortable Sleeping Mode

  • Air Filter

  • Smartphone & Voice Control




As part of the Mitsubishi M series, the MSZ-APK range is engineered for high performance and features a stylish new square-lined design.


Top 10 Features include:-

  • Quiet Operation

  • Night Mode

  • Dual Barrier Coil Coating

  • New Horizonta;l/Vertical Vane Design

  • I-Save Mode

  • Long Airflow

  • Blue Fin Condenser

  • 24 Hour & Weekly Timer

  • Air Filtration

  • Smartphone & Voice Control


2.5kW Systems

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3.5kW Systems

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5.0kW Systems

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7.0kW Systems

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Pre-Sales & Technical

Need help?

Choosing the correct size system is paramount to ensuring your air conditioning system will have the capacity required to perform efficiently in the most extreme weather conditions at any time throughout the year.


For pre-sales enquires and technical support contact WGB to discuss your specific requirements so we can assist in selecting the correct size and type of system to meet your application.


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