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"Inspired by tradition, made like they used to be"

We are proud to now be Worcestershire's only agent of Swallow GB greenhouses.  Swallow GB are a leading UK greenhouse manufacturer and installer. One of the UK's largest and most respected greenhouse manufacturers, Swallow GB manufacture from thermowood quality red wood pine, a process that involves kiln drying the timber, which is then put in a special oven where powerful compressors remove the air.  This results in the capillaries being sealed, destroying the resins and proteins, which stabilise the timber.

The resulting benefits;  the building can be left untreated, all material becomes sterile, paints last up to three times longer, the timber is totally natural and chemical free, consistent colour throughout the wood, improvement in durability against decay, good choice for allergy sufferers, improves dimensional stability.

Available in 3 different finishes; Thermowood, oiled or industrial factory spray painted.

Further details of the swallow range can be found on the Swallow(GB) page

Some models are available to see on our show site


The Jay

From our potting shed range, available in two gable widths.  Shelving allows generous storage space. Two opening roof vents and a side window for maximum ventilation

Starting from; £3,199.00



The Lark


Perfect for the smaller garden or beginner. Built using the same high quality Thermowood available in a range of sizes and colours 

Starting from; £2,601.00

6'8 x 8'4 Kingfisher Midnight (2).JPG

The Kingfisher

6'8" wide single door model, available in various lengths, one of our most popular models to suit most gardeners

Starting from; £2,792.00


The Raven

This is our 8' 9" wide double door model, available in multiple lengths. Useful if you require wheelbarrow access the Raven is a spacious model available as a combination building.


Starting from; £3,615.00



The Cygnet

This T-shaped design looks very stylish in any garden. The range is complete with guttering system and two front return stagings as standard


Starting from £7,3840.00


The Mallard

The larger gable T-shaped model with

guttering and return staging as standard.

Starting from £8,122.00


The Swan

With a gable width if 8'9" this is the largest of the T-shaped buildings available in 3 standard lengths.  Also with front return staging and guttering as standard.

Starting from £8,793.00


The Falcon

This one is our 13'1" wide double door model and is available in multiple lengths. This is a very spacious model allowing storage along the sides as well as the middle.

Starting from £8,153.00


The Eagle

Made from Thermowood the Eagle is Victrorian Styled but with a modern twist

Starting from £6,986.00

8'9 x 10'5 Rook Potting shed Oiled (2).J

The Eagle

Made from Thermowood the Eagle is Victrorian Styled but with a modern twist

Starting from £6,986.00

The Rook

This innovative design enables growing room to be maximised but offering excellent storage too.

Starting from £3,872.00

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