Swallow Quality Timber Greenhouses - Lead time is 10 weeks for Thermowood and oiled. 20 weeks for painted.

Introducing Swallow, one of the UK's finest producer of quality timber greenhouses and garden buildings.
Swallow GB Ltd is proud to be a leading UK greenhouse manufacturer. They install their own buildings anywhere in mainland UK.

Established in March 2009, their aim is to be the country’s largest and respected quality timber greenhouse manufacturer. Their company ethic is simple, and that is to consistently provide care and attention to detail, value for money, outstanding service and above all respect their customers.  This is why Worcester Garden Buildings is proud to offer Swallow products as part of our portfolio to you.

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All Thermowood used by Swallow (GB) Ltd. Is manufactured from quality red wood pine. The process involves kiln drying the timber which is then put in a special oven where a powerful compressor removes the air. The temperature is raised to 215 degrees C which bakes the timber. The result seals the capillaries, destroys resins and proteins and stabilises the timber.

The benefits are:

  • All bacteria is killed, resulting in a sterile material

  • The timber is totally natural and chemical free

  • Reduced thermal conductivity

  • Improves durability against decay

  • Improved dimensional stability

  • Good choice for allergy sufferers

“ Inspired by Tradition”
            “Made like they used to be”

Our fantastic potting sheds

Available in two gable widths: Jay 2035mm (6’8) and Rook 2660mm (8’9). Our innovative design enables growing room to be maximised while allowing for all important storage space. Two rear shelves are supplied as standard in addition to staging at the front of the shed. To aid ventilation there is an opening end window with manual stay, and an automatic vent or vents in the roof. The roof is covered with vinyl for durability.
Under the floor runners are plastic strips to keep the timber off the ground and extend the life of the building.

Jay potting shed_3.jpg


2035 x 2550mm
(6’8 x 8’4)
Painted Vert De
Showing optional
• Gutter
• High Level Shelf

Jay potting shed_2.jpg
Jay potting shed_1.jpg


2660 x 3180mm
(8’9 x 10’5) showing
optional extras:
• Gutter
• High Level Shelf

Rook potting shed_2.jpg
Rook potting shed_1.jpg


We are proud to introduce ‘The Lark’ into our greenhouse range. Built using the same high quality Thermowood in a range of sizes and colours, The Lark is perfect for gardens on
the smaller side or for anyone who is just starting out in the gardening world.

1400 x 3180mm (4’7 x 10’5)

Lark Potting Shed_1.jpg


A further introduction to our Greenhouse range
‘The Robin’ Adding a little extra space in the width than the Lark, but smaller in the width than Kingfisher

1720x1290mm (5’8 x 4’3)
Painted Moles Breath
Showing optional extra:
• Extra Staging
• High Level Shelf

Robin potting shed_1.jpg


The Kingfisher is our 2035mm
(6’8) wide single door model.
Available in various lengths, this is
an extremely popular model, ideal
for most gardens

The Kingfisher
2035 x 2550mm
(6’8 x 8’4) showing
optional extras:
• Extra Staging
• High Level Shelf.

Kingfisher potting shed_2.jpg
Kingfisher potting shed_1.jpg

The Kingfisher Combi - Includes Floor

2035 x 2550mm (6’8 x 8’4)
Painted in Lily White
Combi 1290mm (4’3)

Showing option extras:

  • High Level Shelf

  • Gutter

The Kingfisher
Painted in Moles Breath
2035 x 2550mm
(6’8 x 8’4)

Showing option extra:
• High Level Shelf

Kingfisher potting shed_3.jpg
Kingfisher potting shed_4.jpg

Painted in Purbeck Stone
2035 x 1290mm (6’8 x 4’3)

Showing optional extras:
• Extra Staging
• Gutter

The Kingfisher
Painted in Vert De Terre
2035 x 2550mm (6’8 x 8’4)

Showing option extras:
• High Level Shelf
• Gutter
• Side Vent

Kingfisher potting shed_5.jpg


The Raven is our 2660mm (8’9) wide
double door model, available in a multiple of lengths. This is an extremely popular spacious model for those who require wide access for wheelbarrows etc.

Raven potting shed_1.jpg
Raven potting shed_2.jpg

The Raven
Painted in Purbeck Stone
2660 x 3180mm (8’9 x 10’5)
Combi 1920mm (6’4)
Includes Floor

Showing option extras:
• High Level Shelf
• Gutter

The Raven
Painted in Olive
2660 x 3840mm
(8’9 x 12’7)

showing optional extras:
• Gutter System
• Extra Staging
• High Level Shelf

Raven potting shed_3.jpg
Raven potting shed_4.jpg
Raven potting shed_5.jpg

The Raven
Painted in Lily White
2660 x 3180mm
(8’9 x 10’5)


showing optional extras:
• Extra Staging
• High Level Shelf

The Raven 2660 x
3180mm (8’9 x 10’5)

Showing optional extras:
• High Level Shelf
• Gutter
• Opening Side Vent

Showing dwarf wall version. (wall not supplied by Swallow GB)


The T-shaped design of our Cygnet range would look stylish in any garden. This range comes complete with guttering and two front returned stagings as standard. The smallest size in the range is the 3500mm (11’6) x
2035mm (6’8) 740mm model and the porch is 2035mm (6’8) x 742mm (2’5).

The Cygnet
2035 x 3516mm (6’8 x 11’6)

showing optional extra:
• Rear Staging
• Rear High Level Shelf

Cygnet potting shed_1.jpg


The Mallard has a larger gable width
guttering and two front returned stagings are supplied as standard with this model.

The Mallard
Painted in Vert De Terre
2660 x 3490mm
(8’9 x 11’6)

Showing dwarf wall version.
(wall not supplied by Swallow GB)

Mallard potting shed_1.jpg


The Swan has a gable width of 2660mm (8’9) and a porch width of 2660mm (8’9). As with the Cygnet and Mallard guttering is supplied as standard. The Swan has double doors also supplied as standard.

Swann potting shed_1.jpg

The Swan 2660 x 7958mm
(8’9 x 26’1) painted Purbeck Stone

showing optional extras:
• Front High Shelf
• Two end vents
(a little out of view)

Showing dwarf wall version.
(wall not supplied by Swallow GB)


The Falcon is our 3990mm (13’1) wide double door model. This spacious greenhouse offers a multitude of opportunities where plants can be stationed not only down the side of the greenhouse but also in the  centre. The double doors allow access for wheelbarrows or carrying large trays.

The Falcon 3990 x 7650mm (13’1 x 25’)

Falcon potting shed_1.jpg

The spacious interior of The Falcon

Staging width 610mm
High level shelf width 305mm
Showing optional extras:
• Painted Bracken • Extra Staging
• Two High Level Shelves • Gutter

Falcon potting shed_2.jpg
the Eagle.jpg

The Eagle is a Victorian styled design with a modern twist. Made to stand out in any garden.
It is made from the same timber (thermowood) as all our other greenhouses.

Black PVC Gutter.jpg

These are all the standard
features on the Eagle

  • Toughened glass

  • Stainless steel nails

  • Black ornate handle, hinges and window stays

  • Black automatic bayliss openers

  • Black gutter system including 2 down pipes

  • Vent in rear gable

  • Staging and high level shelf down one side

  • Side and roof vents

  • Black aluminium cresting

  • 2’4” wide joinery traditional styled door

Black ornate handle.jpg
Black ornate stay for side vent.jpg
Staging and high level shelf.jpg
Black ornate aluminium cresting_2.jpg
Eagle potting shed_1.jpg
Black ornate aluminium cresting.jpg
Automatic vent opener.jpg
Eagle potting shed_2.jpg
Centre vent.jpg

Optional Extras - Combination Shed

A combination shed provides ample storage options for the gardener and is constructed from quality Thermowood. Available in two lengths, 1290mm (4’3) and 1920mm (6’4). The shed comes with a floor as standard and the shed has shelving supplied as standard. The roof is covered with vinyl for durability. There are also a number of additional options as detailed below:

Extras_additional door.jpg
Extras_fixed window.jpg
Extras_opening window.jpg
Extras_additional shelves.jpg

Greenhouses & Potting Sheds

Why not complement your greenhouse or potting shed with the following additional extras, designed specifically for Swallow (GB) buildings.

High level shelving.jpg

High-Level Shelving
250mm (10”)

Bench with low shelf.jpg

Bench with low shelf.
Available in 550mm (1’10), 1200mm (3’11) or 1800mm (5’11)
Height of bench is 745mm

Ornate black handle set.jpg

Ornate Black
Handle Set

Side vent.jpg

Side Vent

Extra staging.jpg

Extra Staging

Rainwater System.jpg

Rainwater System
(Quality Black PVC)

Cold frame.jpg

The Cold Frame available in:
Wren: 640mm x 1350mm (2’1 x 4’5) or
Sparrow: 1010mm x 1350mm (3’4 x 4’5)

Cresting in black.jpg


Available in black only

End vent.jpg

End Vent