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Garden Rooms & Studio Office
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Elite Garden Room



The Walton


Impressive, contemporary and versatile the Walton is perfect for use as a home office, gym or garden sun room as it affords maximum light and height.


The Dalbury


The Dalbury – our best-selling, modern and stylish building features full pane windows and doors which allows the light to flood in

Dukesbury 12.jpg

The Dukesbury


Ideal as a garden room, hobby room or home office this building adds value to any property. 


The Dukesbury, Georgian Style


The Dukesbury, Georgian Style

will make a statement in any garden, beautifully finished to a very high standard, featuring a hip roof and classic Georgian style windows and doors.

The Lovenberry UKGB.JPG

The Kingsley


A delightful and charming building. The Lovenberry has a graceful elegance that lends itself to any garden whether traditional or modern. 


The Huntington


The Huntington is a new addition to our range, it features the same design as The Curborough but has a Pent-style roof which complies with most planning regulations. 

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