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The Kennel & Run

The 5' x 4' (1.52m x 1.22m) Yard kennel is ideal shelter for your pet.  Manufactured in redwood tongue and groove timber with a quality green mineral felt for the roof.


The building is manufactured using 2"x2" (50mmx50mm) framing throughout and clad with quality redwood tongue and groove, including the kennel floor and the roof.

With a full-height external mesh clad door to the run, a solid full-height door to the kennel and bolt hole for your dog to the kennel, this deluxe model will ensure you have a happy contented pet. 

Building Height to Eaves - 73 1/4'' (1860mm)

Tallest Point - 87 3/4'' (2228mm)

10' x 6' (3.04m x 1.82m)


  • Height to Eaves - 38"

  • Height to Tallest Point - 40"

  • Dimensions for opening - 10 3/4" wide  x 15" High


Sizes and Prices

The Kennel and Run 10' x 4'                   from £855.00

The Kennel and Run 12' x 4'                   from £1,200.00

Prices include; Delivery, installation and VAT.  Does not include base.

To enquire about our products, please call us on 01905 621 330 or fill in our contact form

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