The Colton

The Colton
The Colton

The Colton
The Colton


Designed for a corner location the Colton features fully-glazed leaded double doors and 2 matching top-opening windows. Fitted as standard with black antique-style hinges and door handles including lock & key.

Available in three sizes; 6'x6', 7'x7' or 8'x8'.

Height at Front: 2178mm
Height in back corner: 2019mm

Sizes and Prices


The Colton 6' x 6'                                  from £1,590.00          from £2,150.00    

The Colton 7' x 7'                                  from £1,750.00          from £2,365.00

The Colton 8' x 8'                                  from £1,990.00          from £2,690.00

The Colton 9' x 9'                                  from £2,370.00          from £3,200.00

The Colton 10' x 10'                              from £2,750.00          from £3,715.00

Prices include; Delivery, installation and VAT. Excludes base.

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