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The Handy Store

The Handy Store is available in 2 sizes and features 4' Double Doors on the front and 3 heavy duty shelves inside. On the end is a useful store for smaller items. Available in five door positions and as a reverse pent.


  • Framing: 44mm x 32mm

  • Cladding: 12mm Tongue and Groove Shiplap with the option of 19mm. 

  • Roof boards: 12mm Tongue and Groove Matchboard.

  • Roof: Quality Mineral Felt. heavy duty option available.

  • Floor: 12mm Tongue and Groove Matchboard with the option of 19mm

  • Door: 4' Double doors on the front and a 2'6" Door on the gable end. Door positions available, A,E,I,J.

  • Lowest point: 1987mm.

  • Tallest point: 2145mm.

  • Standard Features: 3 Tiers of shelving on the front and a small storage compartment on the gable end.


Sizes and Prices

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