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The Pine Lodge

The Pine Lodge will delight any childs imaginative play.  The 7' (2.13m) wide front will fit even the smallest of gardens.  The building features window boxes and shutters the option of a tiled roof or factory spray painted in a choice of 20 colours is extremely popular. The Pine Lodge is also available with the optional extras of a stable door, a side window including a window box.


Safety features include: Acrylic glass with non-toxic plastic lead effect (where pictured).  Planed and rounded corners on all framing.  Staircases with handrails and safety rails to bunks. Doors are fitted with anti-trap strips to prevent injury.


Buildings receive extensive quality checks at the point of manufacture and again when fitting the building on site to make sure they are as safe as possible for children.

Height to eaves - 62" (1574mm) Lowest


Height to eaves - 75" (1905mm) Highest


Height to tallest point - 98" (2489mm)

Sizes and Prices


The Pine Lodge 5' x 7' - No Verandah      from £1,130.00            from £1,530.00

The Pine Lodge 7' x 7' - No Verandah      from £1,350.00            from £1,825.00

The Pine Lodge 7' x 7' - Inc Verandah      from £1,350.00            from £1,825.00

The Pine Lodge 9' x 7' - Inc Verandah      from £1,515.00            from £2,050.00

The Pine Lodge 6' x 8' - No Verandah      from £1,350.00            from £1,825.00

The Pine Lodge 8' x 8' - No Verandah      from £1,515.00            from £2,050.00

Prices include; Delivery, installation and VAT. Excludes base.

To enquire about our products, please call us on 01905 621 330 or fill in our contact form

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